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Man Power Services is one
of the leading recruitment
organizations in Bangladesh


Proven Methods of Recruitment and Processing
Man Power Services has evolved a system of procedures and tests that ensure a "Job Fit". The same systematic approach is likewise used in the processing of the candidates' documents. Our procedures in dealing with the Labor Department, Embassies and other government entities ensure that we conform to all requirements set by these government agencies to process and deploy Bangladeshi professionals within the shortest possible time.

Prompt Processing and Deployment

The company maintains a large computerized database of applicants for easy reference. After being notified by the principals we can immediately mobilize by searching this database. Additional pooling is also achieved through various media advertisements, District Govt. Manpower offices, Govt. & non Govt. Technical Training Institutes, agent-assisted recruitment, direct hiring and through BAIRA & BOESL data base. We constantly pool applicants whether there are requirements or not. Our dedicated and specialized technical mobilizing team is constantly recruiting on field.

Trade Test
The company has technical and medical evaluators who can pre-screen the applicants. For trade testing, we rely on our internationally certified affiliate engineering inspection partners. Currently, we conducted in-house trade testing jointly, in collaboration with either Innovative Engineering Services Ltd., Engineering Inspection Services Ltd. Universal Engineering Services and other authorities.

MPS is staffed with qualified Technical Evaluators with long experiences in the Middle East or local shipbuilding & heavy industrial sectors. If the client sends representatives, the number of applicants we normally pre-screen and line up is 3 times the number that they require, unless otherwise specified by the client.

MPS has a highly qualified technical team who can perform the selection of workers on behalf of the clients. Most of our clients prefer that we conduct the selection for them. The company takes full responsibility for the qualifications and quality of each worker that it selects.

We allow our clients to place our workers on three months probation to give our clients adequate time to evaluate them on-site. MPS will take full responsibility for the repatriation of any worker selected by MPS deemed by the client not qualified or not medically fit, unless the client himself selected the worker.

Travel Documents Processing
MPS also assists in the processing of the applicants' documents, like their passports, medical, police clearance and other documents, to expedite their deployment. This is hastened by the assistance of our Liaison Officers to various institutions and government offices.

MPS regularly sends its clients various weekly reports to help them to monitor the progress of the recruitment. We also answer all client queries within a span of 24 hours after receiving such queries.

After a project's completion, the company submits a final report to the client, which indicates visa and ticket utilization with the corresponding applicants’ names and the date of deployment.

In the future, all these reports will be available to our clients anytime through our interactive website. Queries and other correspondences can be facilitated in the website.

Deployment Notification
The workers' flight schedules are forwarded to their respective employers three days in advance. Employers are immediately notified of any changes.

MPS also notifies the employers of the categories, salaries, blood groups and the workers' uniform and shoe sizes, among other necessary things.

The company have a Legal & Welfare Section  to address our relations with the deployed workers on a more personal level. Our pre-departure orientations impart to the workers how to manage employer-worker problems or disputes to keep it from escalating. We urge our workers and clients to directly relate all matters to our Legal & Welfare section so that we can personally expedite the resolution.

Our future facilities will allow clients and workers to have a Chat session with our Legal Advisors regarding legal and welfare matters.

Airline Tickets
The clients may either send the PTA or have MPS purchase the tickets locally on their behalf. We can acquire the tickets here directly from the various airlines affording our clients more favorable rates and booking privileges.

Vacationer Service
For a minimum fee, MPS can process all the requirements of workers - i.e. clearances, Air ticket, etc. - who come home for vacation to ensure their return to work on schedule.

Salary Distribution
For a minimum fee, MPS can facilitate the distribution of the workers' salaries to their accounts here in Bangladesh.

Uniforms and Safety Gears
MPS can also purchase here, on behalf of the client, the workers' uniforms, hand tools and safety gears and the likes.

MPS maintains corporate accounts in various first-class hotels at discounted rates which clients may avail to get a 40% - 50% discount.

MPS has Public Relations Officers to assist our clients in their accommodations and chauffeured service to and from the airport.

Deployment Period
In an ideal situation where MPS has to carry out all the aspects of recruitment from sourcing to deployment the time required is -

Selection 10 to 20 days
BMET clearance 3 to 5 days
Visa stamping (if required) 3 to 10 days
Flight schedule 5 to 10 days
in case of emergency we can fast track all the procedures as required by the client.

Service Fee
MPS will confer an optimum fee depending on the type of service desired by the Client to their full benefit and satisfaction and to the acceleration of the recruitment process.

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