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Recruitment Procedures of workers From Bangladesh

The procedures required to be followed by the foreign Employers for recruitment of Bangladeshi workers are very simple. They are indicated below :

A. Placement of Demand Letter for workers :
The Foreign Employers who are looking forward to utilize the services of Man Power Services for employment of Bangladeshi workers may contact Man Power Services preferable through Fax/e-mail/Phone followed by a formal Demand Letter. The Demand Letter should include (i) Type of workers required (ii) Nature of work to be done(Job Description may be provided) (iii) Number of Workers required, (iv) Wages/Salary, (v) accommodation & Food facilities, (vi)  Qualifications and experience and others terms and conditions of service. (Specimen of Demand Letter at Annex-II).

B. Power of Attorney :
If visa is required to be stamped in Bangladesh for selected workers, the Employer is required to authorize Man Power Services to recruit workers and apply for visa and to perform others formalities with the concerned authorities. The Power of Attorney should be attested by the Foreign Ministry of the host country and thereafter by the Bangladesh Mission/ Labour Attaché in that country. If a recruiting agent of a foreign country is willing to deal with Man Power Services, they should forward their registration certificate to us. (Specimen of Power of Attorney at Annex-III)

C. Visa Advice/NOC/Work Permit:
Documents granting permission from the Competent Authority for employment of Bangladeshi workers in that Country i.e. Visa Advice/NOC/Work Permit to be sent well in advance before departure of workers.

D. Employment Contract:
Individual Employment Contract Form in English is required to be sent to Man Power Services, in which the following conditions are to be clearly stated : (i) Name of the post, (ii) Monthly Salary / Wages, (iii) Duration of Contract, (iv) Accommodation, (v) Local Transportation, (vi) Traveling expenses after termination of contract, (vii) Overtime allowance, (viii) Medical Treatment (ix) Weekly & Annual Holidays. The unspecified conditions shall be in accordance with the Labor Laws of the host country.

Selection Procedures

A. Receipt of application:
On Receipt of confirmed Demand letter from the employer, Man Power Services Collect CVs'/applications through any of a combination of the following ways to lineup the most suitable candidates for interview/test by the Employers or their authorized representative:
  • Data Bank of Man Power Services
  • News Paper advertisements
  • District Manpower offices of the Government
  • Technical/Specialized Institutions
  • Database of the BMET/BAIRA
  • Job seeker’s Forum
  • Registered Sub-Agents

Applications/CV's thus received are screened by professional Executives of the Company or by inviting suitably Technical/ Professionals from outside. The short-listed CV's either sent to the employer or kept in the office as per desire of the employer and presented at the time of interview.

B. Selection:
The employer or his representative conduct interviews /trade tests in order to select workers finally. The Man Power Services provides necessary logistic support such as issuance of interview cards, arranging interview & Test  jointly with MP Technical Training Institute (MPTTI). At times MPS may also select workers if they are entrusted to do so by the employer.

C. Medical Examination:
The Candidates who are finally selected are sent for Medical Examination to the appointed/ Authorized Medical Centers. Normally they are medically examined at the centers appointed by the Embassies of the employer's country, or mutually selected Medical centre by employer & Man Power Services.

Departure Formalities

A. Passport:
In most cases the applicants who are looking for employment abroad do have their passports. MPS also assist the selected workers who do not have passport to obtain passport as quickly as possible. There is provision for issuing passport on urgent basis. The character and antecedents of each person are being verified by the Police before issuing international passport.

B. Application for visa:
Man Power Services may apply for visa in case of block/bulk visa if the country in which the workers are traveling has an Embassy in Bangladesh. This is the prevalent practice. The employer may obtain NOC/Work Permit/Visa advice for the selected workers. In case there is no Embassy in Bangladesh of particular country, it is the responsibility of the Employer to obtain necessary visa for traveling & entry to his country.

C. Ticketing & Immigration formalities:
The employer may send PTA/ E-Ticket for the employee or remit necessary traveling expenses in favour of Man Power Services. If employers do not provide joining air ticket, workers will pay for joining air ticket. MPS will obtain Immigration clearance form the concerned Govt. Departments of Bangladesh & arrange Air Ticket for the selected workers.

D. Briefing before Departure:
Man Power Services undertake the responsibility of providing basic orientation for traveling to foreign countries. The workers are informed about their duties and responsibilities and given first hand information on work environment, rules, regulations and social & cultural tradition of that country. They are specially cautioned to maintain discipline and to follow strictly The rules and regulation of the company.
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