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Man Power Services is one
of the leading recruitment
organizations in Bangladesh

To support the company's constant growth, new facilities are continuously being developed and implemented

To support the company's constant growth, new facilities are continuously being developed and implemented, enabling us to provide effective service to both clients and applicants.

Ample Facities:
With 200 square meters office space in a building right in the heart of Narayanganj City, e-mail/internet access, web cameras for video conferencing, facsimiles, interview rooms, a computerized listing of candidates, etc. Our clients are assured of full clerical and administrative support.

Corporate Head Office
The four-storey office building is located at Narayanganj City and houses the various administrative and support facilities. The head office has spacious client interview rooms with a 200-person sitting capacity applicants waiting area. The Briefing Room allows interviewers to conduct applicant exams, orientations and seminars. The ground floor allows 3 to 5 in-house Technical Evaluators to conduct interviews comfortably with an ample waiting room for applicants.

Dhaka Office

MPS  Dhaka office is located at Motijheel Commercial Area, heart of the Capital of Bangladesh for easy communication. The Office is well equipped with complete support system.

Accommodations for Applicants
For many applicants coming from the districts outside Dhaka, lodging is one of their primary concerns. To help them with this problem, MPS is providing free accommodation to trainees, applicants waiting for their final interview and selected applicants who are being processed for deployment. The lodging unit located at the MPTTI Training & Testing Centre has a capacity of 200 persons.

MPTTI Training and Testing Center
The Training Center, which is located in Narayanganj - a major river port & Industrial city, is a four-storey building of 15,952 sq. ft. floor area with additional workshop area of 45,620 sq. ft. in a 2.5 acre own land, Catering to mechanical and E & I categories, apart from other skilled categories, the facility can train a batch of 75 welders,60 Pipe Fitters and 60 Plater/Fabricators in three shifts in International approved standards including other trades.

MPS also employs the services of certified NDT & AWS-CWI experts like Innovative Engineering Services Ltd. for trade test. The company is able to conduct in-house trade test under the supervision of highly competent personnel and equipments with uninterruptible power supply facilities.

Wide Area Network
All branch offices are connected to the head office network through VPN (Virtual Private Network), which enables branch computers to access the main database (RMS) and update it on a real-time basis. Applicants CVs and photos from the main servers are also directly accessible and available.


The website ( allows applicants to view current requirements and clients to view available categories. It will later be redesigned to become interactive and integrated to the RMS, which is currently undergoing extensive redevelopment itself.

With the advent of the interactive website, clients will be able to register and post job orders or update their manpower requirements online and download applicant CVs and access our database of CVs. They will be able to view various reports pertaining to progress, visa utilization, PTA and final mobilization. Clients will even be able to post complaints, queries and comments online. It is our policy to respond to all client queries within 12 hours upon receipt thereof. Applicants will be able to apply and verify their application's status or upgrade their resumes online. Applicants will also be able to activate or deactivate their resumes.

Personalized Attention to customers:
Manpower Services provides personalizes attention to its clients by assigning an Officer for each and every individual case up to deployment of worker. Manpower Services its clients of fast and immediate feedback either within the same day or within the next 24 hours. Recruitment Status Report (RSR) are given every week or whenever required by the client.

Timely and immediate sending of Resumes upon advice and confirmation of Job Order, we will provide resumes of candidates to our clients within three to four weeks time. These candidates are pre-qualified vis a vis the job specifications, interviewed and background checked. We guarantee that they meet our client’s job specifications and they would be available for our client’s final interview and selection.

Regular Updates:
We can provide regular weekly updates on the processing of all approved workers. As part of our policy, we make it point to respond to our client’s written enquiries through fax, e-mail or Telephone within the same day or within 24 hours.

Procedures Audit

MPS conducts regular audits on its procedures to ensure that current protocols fit the changing needs of clients.

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