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Man Power Services is one
of the leading recruitment
organizations in Bangladesh




Man Power Services is duly authorized and licensed by Government’s Trade License issuing Authority and Bureau of Manpower, Employment & Training (BMET), Ministry of Manpower & Employment  to recruit, hire and process manpower for its accredited foreign principals.

Since its inception in 1992, the company has deployed thousands of workers and to date has been consistently doing well with utmost dedication and sincerity as one of the leaders of Recruitment industry of Bangladesh with the good number of deployment. Since than, we have deployed over 3000 skilled & semi skilled workforce to Dubai Drydocks. We also work as Labour Sub Contractor by providing Temporary Workforce to meet emergency needs. MPS representative is stationed in Drydocks' H R Department to help them in mobilization of workers, distribution of salaries, management of annual leave and looking after their welfare beings.

MPS's operation is computerized, it is developing its own proprietary system to manage the entire manpower recruitment process dubbed in the Recruitment Management System (RMS).

Man Power Services - Your Partner in Progress

At Man Power Services, our goal is to help your company, build its most important resource-your human resource. Whether you are a big company or a smaller enterprise, Man Power Services' goal is to help you accelerate your firm's growth by providing you with the right people. Today's fast paced and increasing global business environment requires that we find personnel for your company who can be competitive on a global basis.

Man Power Services is committed to recruit, screening, provides training (wherever necessary) and deploying the people best fit for your firm on time, every time. We have extensive experience in recruiting professionals, skilled, semi-skilled and general workers for deployment to:

Gulf / Middle East : UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc.

Asia : Malaysia, Singapore, Maldives,

North America : USA and Canada

Africa : Libya, Nigeria, Sudan, Angola,

Europe : UK and Ireland

We only hire the most competent employees, trained to be globally competitive, to make sure that our clients’ needs are properly met.


“We think ahead to stay ahead”

Man Power Services (MPS) shall be the Company of choice in the International and regional manpower market by continually providing our clients with world-class services and competent workforce, by constantly upgrading its facilities and systems and by strengthening ties with our clients. MPS is an advocate of the Bangladeshi worker and believes in his innate capabilities and his desires to work, and we intend to bring the Bangladeshi workers to every corner of the world - to make him more competitive in the global market.


“Empowering man to be Human Resource”

Man Power Services recognizes the global need for employment. We want to provide our clients with world-class, personalized service and to provide Bangladeshis the opportunity to work overseas. To achieve this we aim to:

   Continually provide our clients with Bangladeshis who are competent, reliable and dedicated.

   Help the Bangladeshis enhance their competence thereby raising the competitiveness of the Bangladeshi workforce.

   Attain all the requirements of our clients’ in the shortest possible time.

   Continually work for employees to treat them with respect and provide them with a safe, healthy working environment, which affords         security, job satisfaction, fair remuneration and good working conditions.

    Constantly work alongside with government agencies in ensuring the welfare of our clients and workers.
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