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Man Power Services is one
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Man Power Services - Your Partner in Progress

Man Power Services (MPS) is one of the leading recruitment organizations in Bangladesh for professionals as well as skilled and unskilled labor. Our group is comprised of recruitment specialists with over 20 years of experience; our managers have deployed thousands of Bangladeshi workers during their tenures in the recruitment industry. Man Power Services’ management and staff have come from the top corporations and universities of Bangladesh and abroad. At Man Power Services, they work in concert to seek and recruit the best Bangladeshis’ to work at your company. Over the past several years, we have grown into the foremost recruitment firm in Bangladesh because of our uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in all that we undertake. Moreover, at Man Power Services, our experience has shown that if we serve our clients well, success will follow us.

Man Power Services : The right people. In time. Every time.

Manpower Readily Available For Employment Abroad

Background :
The present economy of Bangladesh not being in a state to absorb the full range of available professional; Technical, Skilled, Semi Skilled and Unskilled manpower. There is a need to find employment abroad for a sizeable number of them. There are also a number of foreign countries that are in need of importing manpower from labor surplus countries like Bangladesh. In this context, Bangladesh is being increasingly considered by the Foreign Employers as one of the major sources to cater to their growing manpower needs. Amongst the manpower exporting countries of the region Bangladesh offers the most competitive salary, terms & conditions of service. The Bangladeshi workers are proverbially loyal, religious, disciplined, hardworking and have rare quality of adaptability to new situations. With the advancement of science & Technology all over the world & sharing of the same globally, the need for professionally & Technically qualified people since been increased and its movement from one country to other also increased. So long the developed world depends on the developing and under developed countries for workers to perform mainly odd jobs but now-a days they are growingly depending on them for High-Tech personnel in all sectors of their economy specially in IT sector. In the backdrop of such a situation, manpower surplus countries in the world are coming forward to invest much more for human resources development and transferring their manpower where there is a need for them. Bangladesh being a manpower surplus country has put due emphasis on human resource development. Bangladesh is able to supply almost all the categories of work force to cater to the needs of a modern economy. It is now connected with Information super highway technology through worldwide sub-marine cable network.

Why Will You Select The
Manpower From Bangladesh?

Bangladeshi workers are generally loyal, reasonable, dedicated, reliable and hard working. They respond admirably well to kind treatment and just dealings but at the same time they are conscious of their self respect.  They are religious and are proud of their heritage & culture.

They are quick in their uptake and are always willing to learn and acquire more skills so increase their productivity. They are adaptable and can adjust quickly to climatic and socio environmental conditions.

Bangladeshi workers are physically and psychologically best suited to Middle East and South East countries. The performance of Bangladeshi workers in these countries will vouch for their qualities and capacity. In fact they have tested and are maintaining a record of which we are proud and the Employers consider them as the best.

The availability of manpower in Bangladesh is in excess of its national needs or its capacity to absorb. So Bangladesh is in a benevolent position of helping other developing/developed countries where acute shortage of manpower is a stumbling block for implementation of development plans.
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